Lives in minnesota .... Loved by the olson family

"We have been having so much fun, I forgot to email you. :) Troitty is awesome and seems to be adjusting to his new home very well. He really enjoys going to work with me daily."


Lives in minnesota .... Loved by mike and christina

"Oakley is doing good! Has been going potty outside, he catches on real quick. He loves the snow, eating and playing in it! He's hard to capture on the camera cuz he's quite the ball of energy!"


Lives in minnesota and florida .... Loved by the keefe family

Andi spends part of the time in MN and the other part in FL. Andi gets to go to work everyday with her dad. She is very much loved and they couldn't be happier with her!

abigail claire  

Lives in minnesota .... Loved by the stewart family

"Abby is wonderful and is all love. Except for the cat - she is always 'herding' the cat. LOL."


Lives in Minnesota .... Loved by the Easterlund Family

Jake is by our Colt and out of our Tag. He is owned by Eastwillow Border Collies and we couldn't be prouder of him! Along with thinking that he is human and displaying how goofy he can be, he is very smart and loyal and a wonderful babysitter for the puppies. At just 1 year old he passed Advanced Obedience with our 8 year old daughter. They will be competing in 4H Obedience and Showmanship, along with starting Agility and Rally training for this 2014 summer! Jake is also expecting his first set of puppies in mid-May. We can't wait to see what the future has in-store for our wonderful companion!

Eastwillow border collie puppies

"Where they are now and who is loving them"


Loved by the sweeney family

"We couldn't be happier with LuLu. Our trainer says she is the smartest dog she has ever worked with!"

In Remembrance of Lulu


November 18th, 2012 - November 22nd, 2013

Our heart, tears and condolences go out to the Sweeney family on their very sad loss of Lulu. Even though she was taken away from us too soon, she was such a joy to have in our lives and never will be forgotten.

May you have lots of basketballs in heaven to play with Lulu! Thanks for the memories - we will all miss you!


Lives in wisconsin .... Loved by the mcbride family

"Mario is liking his new home. He is awesome!!! We made cookies and he took off with an almost clean beater from my 3 year old son. :) Frisbee our 1 year old female LOOOOOVES him!! And he LOOOOOVES her. Thank you, we are in love!"


Lives in minnesota .... Loved by the waters family

"Mikko is amazing! Besides being absolutely gorgeous, he is just the best dog. He is wonderful with the boys and loves riding with to take them to school. He also loves playing ball, he could seriously play fetch all day long, especially in the snow which he absolutely loves. :) We adore and love him."


Lives in minnesota .... Loved by the chelmo family

"First I have to tell you how impressed we were with your business. It was so clean and organized. I could tell by the older dogs how much you love them. They were all beautiful and well behaved.

Melody is becoming a beautiful dog and is everything we wanted in a dog, very smart at only 4 months old. She has grown so much since we first got her and is bright and energetic. She has brought laughter back into the house. The first thing she learned was to sit and stay for her treat, and she has mastered looking angelic when she does it. Melody can catch a ball in mid air and loves the game of chase, she really loves her yard. She stands guard over me when I work in the yard, making sure the leaves aren't attacking me and is always on watch for anything else that enters the yard. Melody's a little spoiled but that sweet little face is hard to resist.

We are so glad we found you and I would recommend you to anyone looking for a good breeder, you're amazing! Thank you so much!! We would do it again."
                                                                                                 - Richard and Joyce Chelmo

sir lancealot  

Lives in minnesota .... Loved by the carlstedt family

"Lance has been a wonderful experience of a Border Collie for us. He is calm when you want him to be yet he is lively when running or asking him to work. Also he gets along with our other dogs great. Lance makes an excellent watch dog because he is wary around strangers and barks and let's us know someone new is around, and he will only be friendly after he sees there is really no threat, which is what we were looking for to help watch over our livestock. We are seeing his herding instincts come out too. Lance is very intelligent which makes training him a wonderful experience."


Lives in colorado .... Loved by the lampi family

"Sofia is doing great, so lovable! Everything you have told us has helped tremendously. She slept perfectly last night and I think that I am her favorite. :) She loves the girls, especially the baby. Her and Rambo and the girls are inseparable. She is an absolute joy, very lovey and she is so beautiful. Sent you a picture of a popsicle on her neck, she was helping the baby eat hers. :) Thank you for everything - we love her!"


Lives in minnesota .... Loved by the owens family

"Max is wonderful and is fitting in nicely. We just adore him!"


Lives in minnesota .... Loved by the lickfelt family

"We are so lucky that Sophia was left! She is so sweet and wonderful and we love her! Thank you so much for everything Jennifer. We feel very fortunate to have found you and Sophia! If you ever need a referral please let me know."                                                                                              - Chris Lickfelt


Lives in minnesota .... Loved by the hergert family

"Shadow is everything you could want in a Border Collie and more - intelligence, boundless energy and a desire to 'do a job and please'. At 18 weeks he is currently enrolled in obedience one, loves to catch frisbees and balls endlessly and herds windblown leaves in the backyard. We couldn't be happier with Shadow and his sweet disposition. He has become an integral part of our pack."

emma jeanne  

Lives in arizona .... Loved by lisa and richard

"I would like to tell you a little bit about Jennifer, the owner of Eastwillow Border Collies. She is a wonderful person and has outstanding dogs. She cares about them and getting the puppies the very best homes. I waited 6 months to get one of her pups and couldn't be happier with Emma! Bringing Emma home was so easy! I flew into Minneapolis airport from Arizona and Jennifer met me at the airport with Emma. We chated for a bit then I turned around and got back on the plane with Emma as a carry-on and headed home to AZ - NO PROBLEMS at all!! Jennifer did a fantastic job with socializing Emma to different surroundings and sounds so her first flying experience was perfect and uneventful! The passengers next to me didn't even know I had a puppy on board until we landed in AZ and I reached down to love on her! If you want a great Border Collie it is worth the wait at Eastwillow Border Collies!"

                                                                           "Thanks again Jennifer, you are a friend for life!"  - Lisa Hawkins

mia and vivian  

Live in oregon .... Loved by the morgan family

"The girls are doing wonderful! They are such good puppies. We decided to keep their names as they already know them and come when called. They love exporing around here and had a bath today because they got into the mud. :) They are just such joyful, active dogs."

lily sophia  

Lives in las vegas, nv .... Loved by the metcalf family

"When we bought Lily there was such great updates on how she was doing. We are so impressed at the dog she is. She was exposed to children before we got her which was perfect. Lily already knew her name too. Our experience with Jennifer has been perfect! When we look to buy another puppy, Jennifer will be the first we call. I tell you we love Lily so much, I can't explain it in words!"

                                                                                               -Steven and Michelle Metcalf


Lives in minnesota .... Loved by alyssa and stephen

"Here is a picture of Rambo and Ruger the other day. They have gotten very close. It is hard to get pictures of them playing because they are so fast but he is a great dog! They always cuddle, it's so sweet. Ruger loves playing ball too. We love him so much, he does such funny and cute things."

izzy ann  

Lives in upper michigan .... Loved by the Farley family

"After the heartbreaking loss of our Rascal, whom was a Border Collie mix, we decided to move on and fill the emptyness in our hearts and wanted another Border Collie, so we began looking on the internet. Once Buz found Izzy's picture and showed it to me that's all it took was her little face just looking at us. We called Jennifer and was impressed on our phone conversation, especially the interview part, 'we love our puppies and want to make sure they go to a good home'. We drove all the way to MN in a snowstorm when we left home and picked our baby girl up. She was an excellent traveler, riding in the front seat with us. It's been almost a year and half now and everyday is something exciting for all of us. Izzy loves playing in the backyard with her frisbees and her soccerballs. When the seagulls are next door she chases them too. She loves to be part of everything we do. We have a side by side utility vehicle and that's her favorite to go riding in, she will sit in it for hours and even rode in the 4th of July parade we have in our small town. She was quite the hit with her bandana and everything. At the RV resorts and campgrounds she makes many friends, both kids and adults, they all have to come and talk to her. When we have our niece and granddaughters here she is very much right with the girls all the time. Even bedtime she sleeps on the bed with them, and plays dress up with them. Izzy Ann has brought so much happiness and joy to our hearts, she is our kid. So thank you again Jennifer and your family for Izzy. As we will always keep in touch with her extended family in MN."                                                                                                   - Buz and Rebecca


Lives in wisconsin .... Loved by the bjork family

"When we first started looking for a Border Collie, that's all we were doing - looking. Then we met James and Jennifer at Eastwillow Border Collies. I told Jennifer that I was not looking to purchase a puppy yet, just wanted to visit since we were already in the area and see her puppies, dogs and facility. We were so impressed that we called Jennifer back on our way home just hours later to tell her we were ready and wanted James. He has been such a wonderful dog for us. He gets along wonderfully with our Corgi's, which was very important to us. James also has such natural herding instincts he has been such a wonderful help on our 300 acre farm. The other day when Larry was driving the tractor through the gate some cows snuck out too. Before Larry could get the tractor all the way through the gate opening and get off, James already had the cattle rounded up and back in the pen! James is everything we were hoping in a Border Collie and more. Wonderful dog!"

fern rhuby2  

Lives in minnesota .... Loved by Jeff and maeve

"Fern is our second Border Collie and the first one we purchased with Eastwillow Border Collies. We couldn't be happier with Jennifer's approach to screening buyers as well as her care in raising her dogs. Her facility was outstanding as was the time she took to understand the environment we would provide for Fern. 10 months in, we couldn't be happier with Fern. Thank you Jennifer!"                                                                                                - Jeff and Maeve Winter

Eastwillow Border Collies


Lives in minnesota .... Loved by the smith family

"Jack is fabulous! Such a well mannered dog. A great listener and companion. Also extremely intelligent. He adores attention and loves to play catch. His favorite thing to do is go to the dog park and visit other dogs."


Lives in north dakota .... Loved by april and chris

"Zeus is doing wonderful, growing like a weed. He is such a sweetheart and so wonderful with the baby too, watching over her and giving her kisses. We just love him!"